Weekly Cleaning & Chemical Service

Keeping Your Pool & Spa Safe

We believe that once your pool or spa has been constructed, or if you already have an existing outdoor swimming area, weekly cleaning and chemical checks are highly recommended. Most will have their pool or spa installed and continue without hiring a weekly pool and chemical professional to follow up. This can lead to an abundant amount of issues and we strongly recommended not taking this route. We believe the follow-up investment service in weekly care is just as important as the initial inspection of your finalized pool or spa.

Not regularly cleaning your pool means there:

  • Is a lack of a weekly professional to clean and inspect your filter and pool/spa is guaranteed to lower the quality of your outdoor area
  • Can be grout and tiling issues due to untreated protection and cleaning from weather and other natural sources
  • Is a higher chance for failing filters or pumps without proper care
  • Might be poor quality water levels from lack of chemicals, such as algae build up

Do not let your pool or spa get to these conditions! Sunrise Pools likes to believe that you deserve a clean, chemically balanced pool or spa. Do not let your investment go to waste. We offer affordable pricing and customer satisfaction, guaranteed.

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