Spa Installation & Construction

No Matter the Size, We Can Build It

A spa can be a perfect addition to a pre-existing pool, as well as a relaxing stand-alone piece. If both instances sound like something you are looking for, Sunrise Pools is here to help. Being in business since 1995 has given us the knowledge on all things pool and spa related, and we can assure you our contractor will deliver you the spa you have in mind.

Spa installation is quite like your pool installation in ways such as:

  • Initial customer and contractor discussion of the exact spa you are seeking
  • Design brought to you and either finalized or adjusted accordingly
  • Layout and excavation of your spa, with removal of soil after your approval
  • Steel reinforcements and shelling
  • Plumbing, filter, and electrical installations
  • Tiling and coping
  • Plastering and filling
  • A final procedure check to make sure all is running well

Please reach out to us to receive your spa’s free estimate by calling us at (956) 433-1210!

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