Our Pool & Spa Services

Detail Oriented, Quality Assured

Sunrise Pools has everything you need when it comes to outdoor pool and spa services. Our experienced contractors and maintenance team will supply you with everything you may need, whether that be navigating you through our services or sending our team out for weekly services.

The services Sunrise Pools proudly offers are as follows:

  • Pool Installation & Construction: Once our contractor has zoned out the proper spacing and finalized a design with our client, we take the rest from there. We will dig the hole and construct and design your pool from the ground up, all the way to the finished project!
  • Spa Installation & Construction: Our contractor will finalize the plans with the client, and like the pool installation and construction, we take it from there! The spa’s hole is dug and through various construction and design techniques, we deliver you the spa of your dreams!
  • Service & Maintenance: Already have a pool or spa constructed and need a filter or heater examined? Our team provides quality service and maintenance care and will be able to discover the source of the problem and fix it accordingly.
  • Weekly Cleaning & Chemical Service: The pool and/or spa is finished and is looking gorgeous, now what? Besides enjoying your newest installment, a smart choice is to follow up with weekly cleaning and chemicals services; all which we may provide to you at an affordable price.
  • Pool Renovation & Remodeling: Tired of your pools out of date look, or simply just looking to change things up? Sunrise Pools offers competitively priced and detail oriented pool renovation and remodeling.
  • Repairs: Pools, spas, and filters may require repairs every so often. Our team has countless years of experience and knowledge and will be able to have your pool or spa repairs are done efficiently and effectively.

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